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frontier and emerging markets

Countries where we do business. We believe that a country's long-term growth trajectory will be forward. The power to innovate or prosper shouldn't be limited to those in established markets. It's time we use businesses as tools to unleash growth in the rest of the world's economies.

We operate bi-directionally
frontier and emerging markets.


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“We use businesses as tools to aid social mobility and growth in our world's developing economies.”

— Initial Team

Expand your geographical footprint.

Explore New Markets.

From scoping to dealmaking, new market entry can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. We’re here to help you increase your success rate at less cost and risk.

Source Strategically

We don’t tout our ability to let you “tap into our network” of an arbitrary number of suppliers. Instead, we help you find the perfect one.

With Us, You Will...
Save Time & Resources

We’ll do the legwork for you. After extensive time spent everywhere, we’ve shortened your immersion period, so you can move quickly when the opportunity arise.

Cut Travel Expenses

because Initial is already there. Visas, flights, accommodations to frontier markets can be expensive, and sometimes risky. Save your budget, skip the agencies, and stay lean on headcount, without sacrificing time-sensitive work.

Eliminate Risk

Avoid brand exposure until you’re ready. Use us to explore outside resources incognito. No more turning over your badge at trade shows or events.

Resonate with Customers Everywhere

Our strength is our deep immersion in the regions, beyond speaking the language, past knowing the spectrums of culture. We are at home everywhere, and with us, you will be, too.

Lead in All Environments

We adapt to you — your mission, your colors, your business amidst “change” and “ambiguity.” We thrive on new environments and ever-changing circumstances.

Be Growth Action-Oriented

We focus on rapid yet sustainable long-term gains, not quick fixes or bullshit powerpoints.

“The world's most wasted resource
is human intent.”

— Initial Team

Transform Intent into Action

At Initial, we believe in the unlocked potential of micro-enterprises...

...and that impact is not limited to non-profits, low profits, or slow growth. Especially in frontier markets, you never know what game-changing potential a micro-entrepreneur could bring.

We form, build, grow unsung changemakers operating in diversified evergreen industries around the world.

Together, we represent a community who use our businesses as tools to bring social mobility and economic development to places we call home.


Small players. Defined as any business run by a few people: a family business, mom-and-pop, or startup team by a passionate few, these are the grassroots of economic development.

evergreen markets or industries

Continual demand. These are markets humanity cannot live without, industries that must exist as long as people exist, even if robots run amock.

Don't get me wrong, we're not against robots. We're simply recognizing that we need our smartest, most capable people in all industries to propel us forward.

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We represent a favourable portfolio of micro-enterprises in evergreen industries in a new era of developing economies:

  • Diversified
  • Low risk
  • High impact per dollar
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We're always looking to grow our burgeoning community of likeminded entrepreneurs.

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